July 5, 2019

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June 22, 2018

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The story behind PROJECT BOOBS - #1

January 7, 2019

Ok, you've seen the full project image-wise, and you know why I set it up... It's time to hear from the ladies and their WHY.




Before the project I felt very anxious and upset about my breasts. After loosing 6 stone in weight my breasts unfortunately have gone south ways! From my weight loss I feel my boobs have no shape, covered in stretch marks and don’t fit properly in any tops I even considered breast surgery to enlarge them. I didn’t even like my fiancé seeing them and would cover up with clothing quickly.


I applied to be part of the project to help to boost my confidence after the weight loss and show that all boobs are not the same and this social media predicament about having the perfect set of boobs is not necessary.
Boobs are so important for us women and we need to love them as they are.
Having a family member being affected by breast cancer it is also so so important for us women to check our boobs regularly, I never did before hand but I do know regularly as I have realised how important it is.


Seeing my project boobs photograph it has helped my confidence and helped me realise that my boobs aren’t that bad! They are covered in stretch marks and are a little flat at the top but that’s me and that’s my story. It has also made me realise that things could be worse






I felt confident with my breasts before the project, I know my body is not modelesque but I am now comfortable within my own skin and with the support of the group have become even more so, confidence is sexy remember!


The reason behind being part of the project was partly because I wanted to help demonstrate that everyone is different and for that it makes you interesting and beautiful in your own way; however, the main reason for participating is because my family have a history of breast cancer. Knowing your breasts and being comfortable with getting them out in front of the mirror, to your partner or to the GP can be the difference between life and death. Every woman has breasts and no one knows them quite like you, so noticing a change is important! Don't be ashamed to look at yourself in the mirror, to notice changes, to go to the GP or even just to mutter to yourself "dayum, you look sexy today", because you do look sexy today and every other day. Please check your breasts ladies and don't forget, the GP doesn't care whether your breasts touch your chin or knees; if your nipples are big or small; if your breasts are black, white or fluorescent green (well, they may be a bit concerned then), they care if you're healthy, so don't be embarrassed and check those breasts!


(Afterwards I felt) Fantastic! Nicole's an extremely talented woman and to portray me in a way i thought never existed is brilliant. I'm so happy and glad to be helping a bigger movement. Such a brilliant experience, could not be happier.





My breasts have served me well, I have breast fed our two children for almost 3 consecutive years. Breasts should be celebrated for every woman.


I wanted to apply as I struggled hard to breast feed at first, finding it hard to do it, and wondering if people would say something when I was out in public feeding. Then after a while I stopped covering myself up, I just looked into our beautiful babies eyes when feeding, and I don't give two hoots who is looking.


Wow, I am so delighted at the two beautiful photographs Nicole took. Thank you so much Nicole. Once upon a time I would never have been the girl who took part. Breastfeeding has been and still is an amazing journey for me and the photographs will help me celebrate that.