July 5, 2019

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June 22, 2018

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Meet the team

November 20, 2018

MEET THE TEAM (properly):




Hey! If you’re here, you probably know me by now, I’m Nicole Vogwill, Boudoir photographer and Empowerment specialist!



I LOVE helping women (and men) to see themselves the way we see them, to give them a glimpse of their beauty (and their sexy) and get to grips with all the shit going on in their brains that makes them feel inferior in any way!


I never meant to become a photographer, at college I studied Graphic Design and endured one day a week of photography theory. Somehow I figured out that actually, photography was my calling and I was pretty fucking good at it too (eventually).




I’ve been in business 4 years last week (!!!!) and began Boudoir in December 2017, realising that I could do MORE than take kick ass photos of women, I could help them overcome their hang ups and insecurities in the process.



When I’m not being a Boss Babe, I’m eating at my favourite places (Frankies & Bennies/ Eat Me Café/ Groovy Moo) with my favourite humans (there’s a lot of them… My Mum, Aimee, Chelsea, Steff, to name but a few) or binge watching programmes, like Sabrina or The Good Doctor.

I have other hobbies of course, the cliché ones like reading, working out, music etc…..


My favourite;

Song: The Power Of Love (Gabrielle Aplin cover)

Movie: Lilo & Stitch (my favourie “adult” movie is Signs..)

Food: Chicken… in most forms (especially Roasted or on Pizza)





Next up; Katie Bowers, Makeup Artist.

I’ve always been very passionate about makeup but never thought much about a career in it. I went to sixth form with a dream of becoming a forensic psychologist and then I wanted to join the army doing intelligence, truthfully I had no idea what I really wanted.


I went from one job to another with no career goal until eventually I began to look into Beauty Therapy.




In 2013 and at the age of 23, I went back to college and completed my Beauty Therapy Level 2&3 NVQ. During my first year doing level 2 Beauty, we had a makeup module to complete.