• Nicole Vogwill

Why I Love My Tum

Updated: Mar 2

Since starting Boudoir Photography in 2017, I've learnt a tonne of stuff about a tonne of stuff.... Mainly, body image and the huge struggles women have in regards to theirs, myself included. I made the decision to actively work on mine and see what happens.

What happened and why do I now believe the shit I believe?

The more I learnt about body image and how many of our beliefs around this subject have been learnt from others/ the media/ society, the more I realised I didn't want in on this backwards system.

We are taught that fat bodies are bad, you should dress to "flatter" your body shape, diets are good and other such bullshit.

With the help of fabulous humans like Teri Hofford, Lizzo and a community like Do More Photographers, I've been able to truly look at myself and whether these are my own opinions or ones bestowed on me by others (spoiler alert, they're not mine).

2020 will be the year I share with others, which is why we've launched the Body Image Retreat, the first of which, in March, is FULLY BOOKED.

So here's to 2019!

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