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Times are hard for everyone right now, businesses have been closed, schools are at home and people are scared. It's times like these where creatives come together to find joy, bring a little bit of happiness and a new "normal".

I created a Sexy Selfie tutorial in our Facebook community, only to be chastised for seeking "approval" for my fat body whilst people were dying. It wasn't the fat body comment that hurt, I love my fat body, it was someone, a total stranger assuming i'm not effected by the current situation we are facing TOGETHER. Firstly, I haven't seen my family in three weeks, my photography business is taking a major hit (I can't do in person photo shoots or other events), I live alone and it's effecting my mental health.

My glorious fat body!

Secondly, trying to bring a smile to people's faces, a distraction from the crazy we're facing and empowering women is something I will ALWAYS work to do. Does this mean I don't care? Fuck no! I care so deeply it hurts, no longer watching the news, limiting my social media time and avoiding day-time TV.

Now, onto the good stuff, because that comment didn't stop me. The fabulous Teri Hofford shared a post about using her models phone to take pictures of her, without even leaving their own homes... whattttt! Here was born Webcam Sessions.... or what I like to call, virtual photo shoots.

If you have a mobile phone, download the zoom app and have a window, you can have a virtual photo shoot! They're fun and you'll get some cool images to enjoy. Check out the babes I've done so far!

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