• Nicole Vogwill

Vintage Victory Rollers | Virtual Boudoir Photography | North Yorkshire

When Raye told me she owns a vintage hair salon, I knew her virtual boudoir photo shoot was going to be KILLER. Her energy is fabulous and she used this experience to celebrate something mega awesome!!

Before the shoot happened, Raye messaged to say she was nervous... here's what she had to say about the expeirence:

"I am a firm believer of body confidence being an ex burlesque performer I appreciate all women of shapes and sizes and just how beautiful we are. But sometimes Life can throw you curve balls and steal your confidence and sparkle.

At the beginning of this year I truly felt like I’d hit my rock bottom and I needed to make some changes in my life otherwise I was never going to get better. I’m proud to say today I am 100 days in sobriety and I celebrated it by doing something for myself. When I saw that Nicole was offering virtual boudoir photo shoot’s I jumped at the opportunity. Being an ex burlesque I did have a number of items that I wanted to wear in front of the camera so I went through my box and I selected a few items for our photo shoot today. Setting my alarm early I got up and put fresh coffee on, glamorous makeup on and I styled my hair in a beautiful vintage Wave.

During the covid19 lock down I have made sure that every day I have done my hair and make up. Its just for myself and it makes me feel million dollars even if I am confined to my flat.

I’ve been sharing my hair tutorials on my Instagram page, in Swindon I have a beautiful vintage salon called Vintage Victory Rollers. The doors are closed (right now) and I'm eagerly waiting to open them so I can see all my beautiful customers.

Within minutes my nerves and anxiety disappeared after talking to Nicole, she directed me wonderfully and we have created some amazing images which I cannot wait to share with people. If you are feeling a little glum and need a pick me up I would highly recommend this shoot it’s empowering !! Thank you Nicole"

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