• Nicole Vogwill

My Body, My Choice | Body Hair Positive | Nicole Jane Photography

Something that I've wanted to explore for a long time is whether I actually dislike my own body hair or if that is another conditioned thought I was taught from a young age. To do this I embarked on a project with my fabulous muse, Amy.

When I told her I wanted to do a body hair positive photo shoot, Amy was all in.. "ok, i'll grow it all!" and she did. Armpits, pubes, leg hair.

What I learned from this experiment is that the only thing that I didn't like about having hairy armpits was how it felt when I was sweaty, which is unfortunately a lot (that's another taboo sunject for another day). If it wasn't for this fact, I don't think I'd shave at all...

What were your thoughts when Nicole asked you to be a part of this project? I was 100% on board, myself and many other women have been shamed for their body hair, it was the perfect excuse to experiment with myself.

How was the first week? The first week was awful I'm not going to lie, mainly because I was so used to shaving everyday that it was hard not to. My first night out was an experience, I mean, you can't wear a dress with stubbly legs and pits right?! God forbid anyone was to see my undercarriage

Week 2 hair growth

How do you feel about your body hair now compared to before the project? Now I see my body hair as being a grown ass woman instead of an inconvenience/ heavily guarded secret. It feels very strange seeing it in photographs, I can't quite describe the feeling, it's a mixture between pure delight and anxiety.

Do you think we were brought up to believe body hair was bad or was it our own choice right from the start? As a child I can remember people telling me that once I got to a certain age I would have to start shaving. Sort of the same as how men get prepared to shave their faces. As a teenager I was shamed for not shaving. So yes, in my experience I didn't feel like there was any other option but to shave it all off. It was embarrassing and disgusting. The option not to shave was always there, nobody put a razor into my hand and forced it upon me, but the pressure to shave is a powerful thing.

What's your main take away from this project? That other people's opinions don't matter and you have the right to experiment with your own body.