• Nicole Vogwill

Fuck You, Pay Me

Updated: Mar 2

On the trip to Toronto, Canada, last month, I kicked myself for not arranging a model to photograph in our Airbnb... in comes Jess, this beautiful, strong soul, who was comfortable being photographed by myself and Jane and who I'm SUPER grateful for!

"You’re afraid of yourself; it’s no wonder you’re terrified of me.” "When my long time friend and boudoir photographer reached out to ask if I’d be willing to shoot with a friend she had JUST met I jumped on the opportunity. Contacts were shared and we’re both feeling out the nitty gritty of “how much is too much?”, and my mind going back and forth about how my wax appointment isn’t for another week and how I ate a pizza the night before when we establish that I’m taking IT ALL OFF.

Now, I’ve had my fair share of unprofessional experiences when it comes to modelling but this was never the case with Nicole. From the moment I said “hello” I felt comfortable and knew that I could follow her lead without hesitation. She allowed me to be myself but also guided me to feel comfortable and beautiful in front of the lens. I don’t think too much about what others think of my body. I think about what I think of my body and how I feel about myself but in any moment when someone is taking in your angles through a lens it can be a little nerving. I decided to just go with it, posing in my birthday suit in front of two strangers (that ended up being wonderful) and all the neighbours." Jess

It was also the perfect opportunity to use the "Fuck you pay me" thong by Exotic Cancer, I ordered them for myself, alass my booty is too much for them, which means they've been added to my client wardrobe!