• Nicole Vogwill

On reflection of myself

Updated: Mar 2

Have you ever had a life changing experience? Something that really makes you think about what you're doing and where you're heading? 

I had mine in Canada. 

All photographs in this blog are by Erika Gayle

Let me paint you a picture; after arriving in Canada, we travelled on a yellow, American school bus for 4 hours, out of the city and into the beautiful scenery of Halliburton, Ontario. 

The first night is a little blurry, we were all exhausted, I was jetlagged and it was already getting dark. This means waking up in a PROPER summer camp, on a lake, in the woods, was new and fresh and incredible! Had me feeling like Lindsay Lohan in Parent Trap! 

There were a few aspects of Camp Do More that left me feeling like changes need to happen;

1. On the first day of camp, me and my online bestie went to the shower cubicles and awkwardly shuffled into our individual cubicles, threw our clothes out and showered. On the last day of camp we got butt naked in the changing area... That showed exactly what 3 days in the woods getting naked with 150 strangers can do for you 💁‍♀️

2. I let 3 people photograph me nude!!! 

3. After classes with Bofiguratif, Taylor Oakes Productions and Teri Hofford Photography, I realised that there is so, so much more to boudoir photography than sexy lingerie and a makeover.... 

OK I need to elaborate on number 3.

I love boudoir, providing women with a sensation of sexy, helping them to feel empowered, however I've realised that it's not the lingerie or the makeover, it's the connection with one's self, it's looking at the emotions we are feeling and allowing them into our experience. 

This is the biggest change, if you want basic boudoir, I'll absoloutly photograph you that way, but I'll be questioning your why, asking uncomfortable questions to help you get comfortable. Creating art instead of repetitiveness. 

Storytelling with Nicole is the next step, amazing things are coming.