• Nicole Vogwill

Laughter is the best medicine | Photographer North Yorkshire

Updated: Mar 2

You'll probably recognise Gemma by now, she's one of my VIP's and one of my favourite muses! When I asked about a couple's session with her partner Mark they jumped on it! Granted, Gemma is pro now and nothing phases her, Mark on the other hand, he was pretty nervous, which is 100% normal.

They were about to get intimate in front of a camera, I'd be nervous too. Luckily, these sessions are all about that intimacy and focusing on the clients energy, connection and emotion.

Gemma and Mark's energy was high and for lack of a better description, CLOSE. They're both very comfortable around each other which was obvious and made my job a breeze.

"Do it! You only live once, you spend a day laughing together, expressing personality through the photos. When receiving the images, they were fantastic, a little risky but sharing them shows others that anything is possible.

Mark was nervous, hates his photo being taken. I look at them and can't believe he is mine. As stupid as this sounds, the photos show us as a couple but they mean the world to me and Mark as the show US, and not everyone knows our story."

When Gemma says a little risky, she isn't kidding, one got me banned from Facebook for 30 days *insert eye roll* - that will never stop me creating the work I WANT to create.