• Nicole Vogwill

RAW | Fine Art NUDE | North Yorkshire

Updated: Mar 2

Choosing outfits, finding the perfect lingerie set, it's all a part of the buzz of doing a photoshoot, however, lately I've been dying to create something raw, real and so that's exactly what I did.

Income my muse, Donna. She was freaking nervous, I was freaking stoked, which meant I didn't allow her time to be as nervous as she could have been! Once we got started, I could see Donna relax and the artwork began to flow, creating some of my absolute best work to date. Tell me I haven't peaked too early?! ;)

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Keep going for the full gallery and what Donna had to say about the experience.

"I wanted to have something to look at when I'm old and wrinkly! And to feel more body confident, to see how I'd look to others as I'm sure I have a different perception of how I look when looking in the mirror.

Even though I'd done a session before, I still felt a pang of nerves at being completely naked! But as usual Nicole soon put me at ease and it felt really normal.

I soon felt really comfortable and forgot all about being in the buff. Nicole showed me exactly how to pose and let me know if I needed to move slightly.

It was a very uplifting experience which made me feel confident and happy after the shoot, it felt strange putting clothes back on!

I love these photos! I want to show everyone!"