• Nicole Vogwill

It's all about me

Hey, it's been a while since I updated... it's been shit, to be honest.

There have been day's when I felt like nothing could pick me up, but here I am, downward spiral OVER.

What has changed?

I started slimming world - ya, I know... seems like this goes against everything I stand for, and I let my business get in the way of my health for way to long. I was too worried about what you'd all think of me that things continued to get worse for too long.

Firstly, I do not give a shit about my weight or what I look like (referring to size, not hair/ makeup etc.), however, after being told I was at high risk of blood clots and offered zero help from the mental health nurse about the binge eating, I had to help myself. Joining Slimming World has helped me focus on food in a positive way, I've changed my lifestyle completely... it is NOT a diet, I still eat junk food if I "need" a junk food day, but my relationship with food in general has improved and the binge eating has reduced so much.

Toxic people be gone - sooo many toxic people are gone from my life, over the last 6 months I've stopped taking shit for no reason, starting walking away from people who do not have a positive impact on my life. I've lost valuable friendships too, but they cut ties for a reason, so I wont dwell on those.

Business life - I'm more strict with myself - e.g. a proper schedule, working hours, meeting with an accountant, all the boring stuff ;) I've also started a second business! Taking another love of mine because I was becoming OBSESSED with my photography business and not in a useful/ healthy way.

I've moved - this was a last minute, unexpected change and I couldn't really tell you why. I guess I'd outgrown the family home and my little brother deserved the "big room" now. For the first time, I own furniture! When I moved out before, it was a shit show, this has been a positive move <3

MANTRAS - "uh oh, she's one of those", yes I fucking am. I've started a new ritual in our VIP group, each week we start Monday with a mantra, but first we think back over how the last one as helped us. I'm doing this for myself as well as the group as a whole. If you use them right they work!

That's all for now folks,

Nicole xo