• Nicole Vogwill

Boudoir photo shoots | 3 reasons to do a boudoir session so that you can celebrate yourself

Boudoir photo shoots

We're super good at talking ourselves out of activities, especially if they are seemingly "selfish", a boudoir photo shoot is an incredible way to celebrate yourself....

Self care, fun & pampering

We all know how important self care is, with boudoir shoots, you can get an incredible experience that is all about you…. I know, terrifying.

NOT, we have SO MUCH FUN and you are pampered from start to finish! It is not selfish to want to feel looked after, you deserve it!

Increased view of self

90% of the women who come to Nicole Jane Photography for a boudoir photo shoot are nervous, self conscious, scared and that is OK. This is why you're guided from the consultation right through to the reveal & ordering appointment. After your photo shoot I guarantee you will leave with an improved view of yourself, don't believe me? Read reviews from past clients on the home page. 

With your natural to knockout makeover, styling advice and full posing guidance, you'll get everything you need to help boost your confidence, don't miss out because of that little voice telling you you're not good enough. It's time to say fuck you to that voice.

Beautiful Artwork

Not only will you have a blast and leave feeling like a fucking queen, you will also have incredible artwork to remember the experience by and a reminder that you deserve to celebrate yourself!

There are some awesome options available and you get to choose whichever suits your desires best. Not sure how you'd display your intimate portraits?  Here's a blog post all about how and why.

 It's time to book your experience: