• Nicole Vogwill

Miss G | Meeting a stranger | Nicole Jane Photography | York

Miss G (AKA Georgia) is one of the sweetest clients I have had, she booked on a whim, we'd never met and didn't get the chance to before her shoot. I could feel her nerves and she was a little shy, I wasn't expecting so much FIRE when we started shooting! (My own fault for making assumptions based on this gal being a little shy, because when I think about it... I'd be shy meeting a stranger and taking my clothes of first time I see them).

I could write about this beauty all day, but I wont do that, I'll let Georgia tell you what the experience was like for her.

" I booked my boudoir shoot because I had seen on Nicole's Facebook group testimonies from other people who all seemed to say how great having the shoot made them feel. I have struggled with self confidence for most of my life as a result of being bullied about my appearance throughout my teen years. After seeing what other people said about having the shoot and how they felt afterwards I decided to book mine in an attempt to gain some more body confidence.

I enjoyed everything about the experience! But what I enjoyed most was how comfortable I felt during and after the shoot. Before I had my shoot I was so nervous and Nicole instantly put me at ease which was exactly what I needed! Afterwards I felt instantly better and more confident as I had managed to actually do it! Before having the shoot I felt so nervous, unconfident and really self conscious not only about the way I looked but also just at myself in general, as I really struggle socially with meeting new people. I never thought I would be able to not only meet someone new, but take my clothes off in front of a person I had just met!

After the shoot I felt really proud that I had pushed myself, done it and I had also really enjoyed it. This was hugely down to Nicole and the natural ability she has to put people at ease. It gave my confidence such a boost. When I had my reveal I really didn’t know what to expect but I loved my photos! All of them! I was so shocked when I saw them all. You only really see your body when you look in the mirror or look down at yourself, so to see myself from someone else's perspective made me so happy. Nicole does such an amazing job at guiding you through and posing you in a way that makes you look your best! Straight after the reveal my confidence was at an all time high and I just felt so empowered. This shoot has really changed the way I see myself, which is something I never thought was possible. 

I think that everyone should have a boudoir shoot, but especially if your confidence is low like mine was. I cannot even begin to explain how much this has changed my whole outlook. At first I was going to keep my photos just for myself but now I feel like I want to show the WHOLE world, so people can see that its okay to love yourself just as you are! I would recommend the boudoir experience with Nicole to everybody! It really isn’t like anything I have done before, but from beginning to end I have had the best experience and I would do it all again in a heartbeat. Thank you so much Nicole for make me feel so supported and encouraged throughout but most of all empowered. "

P.s. I teared up reading this feedback from Georgia, it literally encompasses my entire WHY, I'll read it everytime I'm feeling low!

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