• Nicole Vogwill

Photo books & more | 5 ways to display your images

Luxury products

Deciding on how to display your images is hard, for example, do you get a photo book (luxury album...) or prints? Here are 5 of the options available to you with your Boudoir Experience and why each one may suit you.


These are our client's favourites, from The Basic Bitch to The Queen Bitch, each contains multiple, luxury products (at a saving) for you to enjoy.

The most popular is The Extra Bitch, it has a luxury photo album, mobile app, digital files AND an acrylic image block that isn't available as a stand alone product. You get a little bit of everything without breaking the bank (speaking of which,  click here  to find out how to pay for your boudoir photo shoot without doing that).

Luxury Albums

Most people know these as photo books, however these aren't your everyday albums, they come with real leather, linen or suede covers, thick pages, protective boxes and options to engrave plus other upgrades!

These are perfect if you're not quite ready to display your artwork for the general public to see (I.E family and friends when they visit your home), easy to put away and great to gift.

Wall Art

HOWEVER, anyone who displays their intimate portraits on their walls get a fucking high-five from me, I LOVE it. 

Our wall art comes in two options; Matted and mounted prints, for the traditional lovers OR Aluminium prints for those who want to modernise their artwork.

Both look incredible and come ready to frame (although the aluminium prints look killer as they are), which I can also help with to finish off your wall art.

I talk more about the "why" of wall art here.

The Acrylic Image Box

This is pretty new and pretty unique... a beautiful, delicate gold box with an acrylic lid, containing 5x7" prints.

This is an awesome option if you plan to come back for future sessions, you can ADD to your collection! They sit well on the coffee table, or your bedside table and are a sure talking point thanks to their looks.

Digital files

I wouldn't recommend digital files as a way to display your images, how likely are you to actually do anything with them? However, they are a good way to archive your images in case you want them in future.

All of my products come with a lifetime guarantee, because... shit happens! However it doesn't cover things such as a child ripping your prints or shoddy hanging of wall art, so in this sense, it's good to have a back up in digital format (hence them being included in The Extra and Queen Bitch collections). 

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