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Affordable boudoir photoshoot | How to pay for your shoot without braking the bank

The Boudoir Experience

It's important to me that the boudoir experience is affordable to everyone who may want it, that's why I offer multiple payment options to help you pay for your boudoir photoshoot & products.

Pre payment plans & the Boudie Bank

Pre payment plans are available for Collections (Extra Bitch & Queen Bitch) when started BEFORE your session date, you receive a 10% discount for using this method and it means you'll be oh so closer to having your gorgeous products in hand when your reveal & ordering appointment comes around AND it's interest free!

*Must be completed by the date of your shoot

*Payments are non-refundable and the payment plan cannot be adjusted/ reduced

Where as, the Boudie Bank is a pay as and when kinda deal. You set this up to save for your photoshoot itself... you can pay weekly or monthly, as much or little as you'd like, once you've hit the mark to cover your session fee we schedule your session! Then you can either close your Boudie Bank account or continue it to pay for your products (this would develop into a pre payment plan for collections only).

*Minimum payments £50 per month

*Payments are non-refundable and the payment plan cannot be adjusted/ reduced

The in-house payment plan

This is a basic payment plan available on any order £1500+, you set it up at your reveal & ordering appointment with a down payment of 25% of your order, then the remainder is split over a maximum of 6 months. Once the balance is paid in full your product order will be placed and in your hands 4 to 6 weeks after the end date!

*The first 3 months are INTEREST FREE!

*After 3 months, 10% interest variable applies

*Payments are non-refundable and the payment plan cannot be adjusted/ reduced

*The terms of this payment plan are non-negotiable

"The payment plan helped because I was between jobs and not in a good financial situation, spreading the payments meant I could pay for my products without having to worry about whether I was going to afford it" - Chelsea

PayPal credit

Disclaimer: I have NO affiliations with PayPal and no control over their payment plans/ credit options.

The reason I recommend this is due to the fact that PayPal credit pay me in full and I can order your products right away! (then you make your repayments to PayPal).

It is on an application based process so you need to apply in advance of your reveal & ordering appointment to ensure this method will work for you. Right now, I believe it is interest free for four months, please make sure your read all of the T&Cs and that this is a suitable financing option for your circumstances.

Click here for all of the details about PayPal Credit

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