• Nicole Vogwill



I was/am particularly comfortable with my breasts and how they look. They're the one part of my body I don't mind getting out!

I wanted to be part of this project as I believe there is too much of a stigma around female breasts, like they're something we shouldn't show and should keep covered up. There seems to be this opinion that women should always wear bras and nipples should never be seen, yet I spend 90% of the time bra free!

I am proud to be part of such a project and hope this can raise some awareness that boobs come in all shapes and sizes, that its normal and not embarrassing for a nipple to be seen and if you look at the bigger picture- boobs can feed a tiny human!!! That in itself its pretty amazing!


I felt like after becoming a mum and the changes to my body, that my boobs had become less of an asset like I’d felt they were before!

I wanted to show other people that no matter who you are, our bodies are so different in all sorts of ways, and that there is no such thing as ‘normal’ and we’re all beautiful in our own way!

I feel like I can learn to love my boobs again!


I have a love hate relationship with them - they get in the way, they don’t always fit into clothes or they try to escape out but they’ve fed both my children so I’ve got to love them for that!

Breastfeeding Is a natural thing but you get so many mixed reactions some people get embarrassed others curious - it doesn’t work for everyone but it’s nice for people to understand and accept it a little better

I love the breast feeding part but I wish I’d done my hair/ make up !



I have a strange relationship with my boobs.... I believe truly in my heart that boobs should be treated like any other body part. I've had a massive focus on my boobs for years and would go as far as saying I hate them... but I only hated them as I perceived myself as not being normal. Just before I took part in project boobs I had a mind shift and realised 'what the fuck is normal'.... I was judging myself because the media tells me I should have bigger boobs, my friends tell me to wear chicken fillets, apparently you need to be perfect to be attractive..... I realised all this is bullshit. I stopped faking it, ditched the padded Bra's and released my Tits..... now I'm more paranoid that I offend people with my nipples.

I applied to do project boobs because I feel that it should be celebrated that we are all different. Boobs are part of our bodies, they don't have to be sexualised, nipples can be seen without being sexual, mums should be able to feed openly and comfortably, women should be able to go topless on the beach..... our bodies are our bodies and if I wanna show my nipples that doesn't make me a slut, it doesn't mean I want people to look or touch, it just means I want to be comfortable. We all need to learn to love ourselves..... like really deep down love ourselves... we are all different and we should embrace that. I think the project will highlight the difference in us all and we should celebrate this.

Due to me having a few issues with myself I won't lie, the first thing I did was criticise myself. I have an amazing ability to find faults in myself. I then made a cuppa, reminded myself why I was doing this. I was judging myself on other people, I'm obviously not going to have boobs like *#@$ because she had surgery, I won't have boobs like #$@ because we are totally different shapes..... To compare ourselves to others is stupid, we need to put the same energy into loving ourselves as we do criticising ourselves. We also need to spend more time bigging each other up and celebrate our differences. Now I'm pretty proud I took part and chose not to be anonymous.


I don’t like them. They have become saggy and I have gone down a cup size due to loosing weight.

Because I don’t like mine, but wanted to be part of something that shows us all to love our body regardless of shape size etc.

They don’t look as bad as I thought they were and feel quite proud of my body


I've always been pretty confident about my boobs, it's the one part of my body I actually like

Everybody's boobs are different, Everybody's bodies are different and beautiful! Embrace your own body shape and be confident

Proud. Incredibly proud to be part of such an empowering project.