• Nicole Vogwill



I didn't love my breasts but didn't hate them either! I've always had a fuller bust and liked the way they looked when wearing underwear. But as soon as the underwear came off I had no confidence.

I wanted to be a part of project boobs because everyone needs to feel empowered and I thought this was a good way of having that feeling myself. I also wanted to be apart of helping women to find their own confidence.

I'm so very happy with my image and I was slightly apprehensive about the way I would look as I don't have as much body confidence I would like, but by boobs look good and I'm proud of the way my body is changing. ( currently on my own weight loss journey.)


I don't mind the stretch marks as much as I did when I first got them but it would still be nice to feel confident in a bikini!

Just want people to know that a few stretch marks and wonky boobs isn't the end of the world and they still look awesome :)

Yaaaay I love my boobs!


I felt nervous about the size of my breasts as I've always been self conscious about them due to being small, although I have learnt to love them more each day.

I applied to be part of this project as I thought it was a great idea and opportunity for women to help with their confidence and also help remove stigma around ladies breasts and how people in media view them. Everyone's are different and I believe everyone should love their own, no matter what size shape colour etc and shouldn't be ashamed to free the nip once in a while.. it's only skin! A lot of people feel they should be hidden away due to then being "sexual" but I believe it's down to how the person views them and at the end of the day we all have breasts, men and women. This is a great opportunity to help raise awareness of breast cancer also, which I think is absolutely amazing as more people should be made aware of this, it's so so important! I also decided years ago not to wear a bra due to not needing one, it doesn't hurt and is sooo comfortable.. and some people think this is so odd.. just because wearing a bra is the "norm". I love the idea of this project which is why I decided to be part of it.

I feel like I love my breasts even more, seeing myself being so confident in my skin makes me feel very happy and makes me more confident in myself as a person. Love yourself ladies, you're all beautiful!!


I used to not like my breasts, used to think they weren’t like they should be and that they were not something to be appreciated.

I want people to understand that no breasts are the same, they will be different, and they will change, but they should be loved.

I admire myself a lot more, I appreciate my breasts a lot more and I don’t despise them for not being “perfect”.


Growing up I disliked my boobs and was extremely self conscious about being flat chested. I often used to pad out my bra and wear chicken fillets and the thought of getting naked in front of anyone terrified me. The image of femininity to me was to be curvy. To have no boobs made me feel masculine and undeveloped. I was very close to getting breast augmentation in my early twenties, going as far as booking a consultation but the cost and possibility of complications made me not go ahead with it. Also the thought of letting down the other small breasted women. If everyone ends up having 'perfect' sized and shaped boobs then how are the people with normal boobs going to feel? There is a huge amount of pressure to look a certain way, and that pressure can change the way you see your own body. Some people would be glad of super small boobs, some people have no boobs at all. The most important thing is to love yourself no matter what you look like. As cheesy as that sounds, it's true. Plus there were other things that I had to save for that were more important to me than my boobs. I am in no way against cosmetic surgery but for me, it wasn't the time to have them done.

I wanted to show that boobs come in all shapes and sizes, and I think that's something that should be shared to young girls (and boys) growing up. That very few people have the 'perfect figure' and that 'perfect figure' is more often than not unreal. I wanted to share the message that it's ok to have teeny tiny boobs or huge ones. Everyone is different.

Honesty, I thought they were bigger than they were in the photo but the photo is lovely. I still look and think they look out of proportion to my body and my top half looks like that of a 12 year old boy. But I'm healthy, I'm happy, and that's all that matters to me. I couldn't give a stuff about what anyone thinks of my boobs. Nicole was fab and made me feel so at ease, I didn't feel awkward about going topless in front of her and her work is beautiful.


I love my boobs! Always been a great asset to me, I believe lol

I applied as I knew I would be nursing at the point of photography and it was a way to appreciate them during their 'primary function' months.

I loved the photo. What a way to embrace I had a child 2 weeks prior to the photo taken.