• Nicole Vogwill

Lies my clients tell me

My clients lie to me ALLLLLLL the time, 90% of the time they don't even know they're doing it, and I don't take it personally, because I've been there too.

"I'm too fat to do a boudoir session"

"I'm a mum"

"I don't like my stretchmarks"

"What if my partner doesn't like them?"

"I can't spend that on myself!"

I hear this day-in day-out, and I get it, there are tonnes of reasons why we "can't" do the session, but there a tonnes of reasons why we SHOULD.

You're fat, ok, me too! We can talk big booties and cute tums while we take kick ass photographs that you will fucking treasure.

Cute tum alert (it's mine!) ^

You're a mum, yup, I photographed my mum..... I'm PROUD of her, plus, you're kids never need to see if you don't want them too!

My Mum ^

You have stretchmarks? They're as common as freckles, and blonde hair.... they're tiny scars that tell a story about some part of your life. They DESERVE to be a part of this experience.

If your partner doesn't like them FUCK THEM, they're for YOU! To realise the powerful, beautiful, sexy woman that you are.

Can't spend that money on yourself? Fine, spend it on your partner or kids on more useless shit they don't need and carry on feeling like you never do anything for yourself.... OR set up a payment plan and spread the cost over 6 or 12 months to reduce some of that guilty feeling. YOU are as important as any other member of your family, you are ALLOWED to treat yourself too.

I'm not telling you to dismiss you're feelings, I'm asking you to look deeper, to LET ME HELP YOU.

The Boudoir Experience is an incredible one, I want you to have it.