• Nicole Vogwill



I have a love hate relationship with my boobs, they are big for my frame and get in the way when exercising but the boys love um!

I applies for this as my boobs look good in a bra but out of one the sag because if their size, I have stretch marks and small nipples, but I appreciate them more the older I get and those that fancy me like them too so it's all good lol.

I love it, it's a beautiful image of a real woman, flows and all!


I have never really loved my boobs as I deemed them small, then after having a child, what little there was to start with they really headed south and I did not feel comfortable with them at all.

I applied for the project because I knew my boobs were not perfect and so wanted to show to others that boobs come in all different shapes and sizes, especially after having children.

I'm not going to lie, I still don't love my boobs, but I feel I have learnt to accept them for how they are because they are mine and they helped me feed my child in the most natural way!


I have always liked my breasts, when they are in a bra but not when they are out of the bra. The weight pulls them down so my nipples point to my toes and I crush them often under my arm pit

I applied for project boobs because I'm sick of men looks at big boobs and expecting them to stay up the right place all the time and I wanted to show that big boobies like to hang low. And i wanted the message to say that's what happens after a certain size and not to judge or call them saggy just because they are lower that normal.

I knew they were big but not that big so i was shocked but most of all i felt proud for getting my boobs out for such a valuable reason.


I’ve always been uneasy and self conscious about my boobs. It’s obviously not something you get out to everyone but even when I look at myself in the mirror, I hated them and always wish I could change them.

I wanted to feel more confident about myself and show people that boobs come in all shapes and sizes.

It has helped me gain some more confidence in myself, even if my boobs are covered I know myself I feel great and look great.


I have never been happy with my breasts for as long as I can remember. I don't mind the size but hate how saggy they are. So much so that I am saving for cosmetic surgery to have them uplifted.

I wanted to show reality. Not every woman has perfect perky breasts like you see in magazines and on tele. I really stepped out of my comfort zone doing this as normally I cover up.

At first look I hated it. But then I have realised it doesn't matter what they look like, they are part of me. I need to learn to love myself instead of putting myself down. You only live once so love the skin you are in.


(Before the project) I felt quite confident, I am a confident person I would say.

(why I got involved) To show other woman not to be ashamed of your breast what ever size or shape everybody is different and it is normal to breastfeed and go to screenings they should not be ashamed of them they are wonderful.

I feel good, it’s a bit strange seeing them for a different angle but there just boobs at the end of the day.

#4 coming at you next week