• Nicole Vogwill

Trust & Vulnerability

Having someone open up to and trust me is one of the best things about my business. Nath is one of those people, he came to me for a male boudoir session and we talked about what he struggles with.

Nath showed vulnerability and this is so important for men to understand, vulnerability is not weakness (plus it results in some of the best photos!), here are his thoughts on the experience;

I booked the boudoir session in order to help with body confidence, I was humming and arring for a while.

Leading up to the session I was a bit unsure what to wear, what to expect, how the photos would look. Nicole took care of planning location, I asked her numerous times what to wear and whether I needed anything else. She guided me through the whole day from Booking it to the actual day and afterwards.

At first, actually the first 5 shots I felt very nervous as I don’t have a muscular body like social media make out men do. Also I’ve never done it before so was a tad nervous but then Nicole’s sense of humour took over the nerves and I managed to relax all way through.

(one of the first 5 shots Nath is referring to!! One of my favourites from the whole set)

WOW is the word I would describe as the final result of the photos and actually I love the photos so much, Nicole’s knowledge and passion has carried through to the images.

Guys, I would forget what the cyber world of what we are in today and don’t think just because I don’t have a 6pack or toned body that you can’t look good:-) love your body and book a session with Nicole.

Helping all feel beautiful and empowered through boudoir photography, resulting in a new found confidence

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