• Nicole Vogwill

Clawfoot tub and taxidermy

Jo had been asking about a session for a long while, she finally booked! Her and Gemma booked a STUNNING venue in York, so quirky... there was a clawfoot tub, four poster bed and, much to our delight (not), taxidermy!

I'll let Jo tell you about her experience now that she's finished her payment plan and has the products in her hands!

I had been wanting to-do one for ages but never had the courage to-do one, knowing Nicole personally before she went into her own business helped me. I spoke to Nicole over numerous times about booking one and then finally did. It's taken a lot for me to learn to love my body after having my son. I put in weight, lost weight, put on again and loosing again now, but having the photoshoot with Nicole earlier this year boosted my confidence even more, fuck what everyone else thinks and love your self for you!!

I loved my make over by Katie for the photoshoot, we discussed about different make up looks and Katie decided on what would suit me best. Well she is the make up artist after all and they do know best! But honestly, Katie was superb in everyway. And down to Nicole with the wardrobe selections out of what I took, she picks the best ones for you by far!!! The photoshoot was awesome I had so much fun, I think I spent more time laughing than anything else.

I loved the setting in York, the photoshoot, the styles of everything was just brilliant. Nicole makes you feel so relaxed in the shoot. Even manage to get some nude shoots at the end which I never would expect my self to-do. But you know what I thought fuck it lets do it. The posing and guidance is very well done by Nicole. She makes you feel so at ease and relaxed with everything from the booking through to the photoshoot. She is brilliant at what she does and knows what she wants to get out of you and the photoshoot. I felt so happy after my reveal and so excited to order my photos and I finally got you photo album and was blown away at the quality of the album and photos.

I feel so much more confident In my self and happy with my body now. We all have to think our bodies all change, all the time. No matter what we go through children, surgery etc we are still the same person, same body just with all our little quirks as I call them. We all love our bodies and there is nothing else nobody will say to ever change that. As I say fuck hat everybody else says and love being you!!!