• Nicole Vogwill

Terrorist to the cause

"oh so it's porn?"

"you'll give out the wrong message"

"it's distasteful"

No. Fucking stop, right now.

I work my ass off to bring love and empowerment to every human who trusts me and gets in front of my camera. Of course everyone is welcome to their opinion, but you should know I give zero fucks.... unless it personally effects ANY of my beautiful, brave, amazing babes.

In which case you make yourself an instant terrorist to the cause (of freeing nipples and bringing recognition to the fact every single one of us is fucking awesome, sexy, beautiful and deserving of feeling all of those things)

In 2018 I discovered how judgemental, fickle and shitty people can be. Luckily I've also been graced with some incredible, generous, loving souls (you all know who you are) to balance out the shitscale.

Now, to the babe in this blog post, you should know her by now, Naomi... Our kick ass hair stylist who has just opened her first salon!

I asked Naomi to get in front of the camera, she was excited to "take a seat" with our clients, understand what they FEEL... the results? "Nervous, insecure - but once we got started I forgot where I was and got into it". She politely agreed to don this stunning dress I picked up, urgh, so prettyyyyy! (if anyone wants to wear it for their session over a naked bod, let me know!), then ROCKED her three outfits!!

So now, when my girls tell you it's ok, to breathe and trust, you know it's coming from a place of experience and knowledge.