• Nicole Vogwill

Making your luxury experience affordable

"I really want a session with you but I can’t afford it"

I hear this all the time, I appreciate that I may be outside of some babes budgets, this is why I’ve introduced payment plans and the Boudie Bank. Making your luxury experience affordable!

How does your in house payment plan work?

You don’t have to choose your prints and products until you view your images at the reveal and ordering appointment after your photoshoot. To set up your payment plan, 15% of your total order is required, this is non-negotiable, so make sure you come prepared.

The remaining balance can then be split over 6 or 12 months at 0% interest for all orders over £1000!

"The payment plan helped because I was between jobs and not in a good financial situation, spreading the payments meant I could pay for my products without having to worry about whether I was going to afford it" - Chelsea

There is a contract you must sign that explains all about missed/ late payments etc. And your prints and products will be ordered at the end of your payment plan.

If, like me, you’re super impatient, PayPal credit may be a good option for you. It is application based and entirely out of my control (and there’s interest), however, PayPal pays me in full, then you pay instalments to them, meaning I can place the order asap! (If you’d like to go for this option, make sure to apply before your reveal & ordering appointment)

What’s the Boudie Bank?

The Boudie Bank is my pre payment plan, there are no limits or restrictions on this, you pay me what you want, when you want in the lead up to your session. I save this in your Boudie Bank, then you use it towards your order at the reveal & ordering appointment.

This is a great option if your session is booked a couple of months in advance, plus, you can double up on the plans! Use your Boudie Bank savings as deposit then set up a regular plan for the remainder.

If you want to take advantage of these payment options BOOK NOW