• Nicole Vogwill

You've got it all wrong

If you've been looking at The Boudoir Experience, did you know that you can stay anonymous, you can even request that your images don't be shared at all!

This is a super important message I'd like to get across, I fear people may have gotten the impression that to have a session done I must be able to share your images, this isn't the case. Some of my badass babes have jobs that require secrecy, there are other reasons too, and it's entirely your decision.

Of course I'd LOVE to be able to share everyone's images, however, it is NOT a requirement (unless you've signed up for a Boudie Call), so if this is something that is stopping you, now there's no more excuses ;)

"I had a number of reasons for booking The Boudoir Experience. I've struggled with my body image since putting on weight after the birth of my daughter and the subsequent diagnosis of an autoimmune disease. I have felt fat and unattractive for a number of years and have even been called fat and lazy before... No one fully understands the reality of living with a chronic illness and the effect it has on your physical and mental health. I started to manage my health better and felt that this was an ideal opportunity to learn to love myself again, starting with my body . If I saw the photos Nicole produced and didn't know it was me is think 'she' had an amazing body ! That's an amazing feeling. The limited edition session allowed me to access the boudoir experience at a price I could justify... And I could buy amazing 'witchy' underwear for the occasion! I've always been a closet Goth Throughout the entire process Nicole was on hand to offer advice on outfits and any other queries I had (there were a few!). Prior to the session I was sooooo excited! I didn't feel nervous at all and was instantly at ease in the company of Nicole and her amazing team. Being able to have an anonymous shoot has been amazing; the photos Nicole can share are the ones where I'm not identifiable, this is very important to me because of my job. I wanted my photos out there though because I'm so proud of them.... And me My photos are amazing I honestly can't thank Nicole enough for her vision and professionalism. The experience from start to finish was incredibly empowering and I am so proud of myself. Anyone who is thinking of having a photo shoot should go for it, you won't regret it. "