• Nicole Vogwill

Show Those Curves

Lucy was extremely nervous about booking her Boudoir Photoshoot, understandable of course, I took some time to discuss the process in depth and discuss outfits, locations etc. to help Lucy decide if this was something she was ready to do. I'll let Lucy explain what happened:

"I booked a boudoir shoot because after many years of hating my body, I finally accepted that it was my body and my curves needed to be shown not hidden and to show how I don't need anyone to accept it only me. Before the shoot I started having a few doubts, questioning whether or not I should do it, but the closer it got the more excited I became and the excitement took over my nerves.

I loved my hair and my make-up, I am a natural straight haired girl and curls make me feel more sexy, my make-up was bold eyes with an amazing turquoise and a nude lips which really complimented my hair. The guidance was amazing, I had absolutely no idea how to pose to show my best assets but Nicole made sure to explain the poses and they were absolutely amazing, even if it did feel a bit like yoga in my underwear but they look fricking fantastic!!

After my shoot, I felt sexy and empowered! I was giggling a lot during my shoot which helped me to relax more and enjoy it. But most of all I felt alive and proud that I did it.

Now I've seen my pictures, I feel completely different about my body, I feel sexy. I always thought my ass had dimples and cellulite but I can't see them it is a really nice ass, I'm proud of it. My scars are my strength not weakness. And my curves are sexy ass hell! My pictures made me realise your body is only perfect when you say it is no one else.

My advice to anyone that is hesitant is, you only live once, if you want to book a shoot do it, they are fun, empowering and without a doubt a great way to say "this is my body I am sexy as hell, get over it". I think if I had backed out it would of been one of my biggest regrets, so don't wait to long and then regret not doing it! Get your self some amazing photos that show you how much of a goddess you are, its for you not anyone else but you can also share with the world how perfect you are."

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