• Nicole Vogwill

I'm not crying, you're crying

I understand how scary it is to book a photoshoot (especially such an intimate one), with a complete stranger and this is why I am SO THANKFUL to all of the amazing women I have photographed SO FAR in 2018 - this number is 29!!

9 of these women have come back to me for a SECOND photoshoot too, this literally blows my mind. Not only do they trust me, they enjoy it enough to come back.

I'm not crying, you're crying

I promise that if you join me for your own boudoir experience in 2018 (or 2019), you will leave feeling beautiful and empowered, if you don't believe me, you can ask any of these 29 ladies. Here's a few words from Gemma:

"I am a very open minded girl, willing to try things at least once. I fully enjoyed every moment, having my make-up and hair done, to feel - WOW. To the wearing very little. 😝 If you asked me to do all this say, last December, I would of laughed at you and said Noooooo! My body confidence was pretty much zero, but you might be thinking, I was still a beautiful back then. Correct. I have just fine filtered myself, gone on a journey that i learned to love each part of me. From my stretch marks, my hip replacement scar, to just looking at my body and thinking that every mark is a journey, MY JOURNEY.....

The whole experience is liberating, empowering, bringing the feel good vibes, loving you no matter what! "

My goal for 2019 is to photograph ONE HUNDRED incredible women, you can be one of them. To book your session email

- I'm not able to share all 29 women, some didn't want their images public (which you can totally do btw!), however, here are some of the ladies who have made this year my best yet!

Thanks for joining me on this wicked journey so far,

Nicole xoxox

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