• Nicole Vogwill

Say's Who?

"Boudoir is for women!" - say's who?

Who the fuck told you Boudoir is for women, because I need to speak with them.

Above: Liam

Boudoir portraits are a state of intimacy and vulnerability (well, mine are anyway..), men are allowed to be as much intimate and vulnerable as any woman, correct?

Above: Liam

I want you to embrace WHO YOU ARE, how you FEEL and let me take images that portray that back to you. As I say to any client, these images are for you, if you don't want them to be shared, so be it. They don't need to go on social media to be real...

Josh is one of the "manliest" men I know. Here he is being vulnerable. Was he embarrassed? No. Should he be? FUCK NO.

Boudoir photography does the same thing for you as it does for me, It helps me see myself from another viewpoint, the way others see me. It has helped me fall in love with each part of my body, slowly but surely.

If you don't feel "confident" enough, read last week's post. Then call me 07740241502, we'll discuss the process and get your session booked in.

Here is Josh's gallery!!