• Nicole Vogwill

Born To Thread | guest blog

I adore the creations by Bridie at Born To Thread, I got these earrings for my VIP Summer Party and fell in love! Birdie has dropped in to tell us a little about how it all started and her "why".

When I was young I was always quite out there with what I wore, how I did my hair and strived to be different, even though I’m quite a shy person I guess this was my way of being a rebel! luckily back then Social media wasn’t a big thing so the stress of being different wasn’t so much of a big deal, you just did it, but when I hit my late 20’s I struggled with confidence and body confidence which is where Born To Thread  came about.

My mission at Born To Thread is to offer quality designs that make women feel confident in what they wear no matter what shape or size, creating sustainable elegant garments with a creative twist that will last a lifetime. I pride myself of offering authentic one of kind clothing to suit your personality and style, I’ve been there, I understand and now I want to help YOU!

It’s a big thing, right? In what you choose to wear, you should be feeling fabulous everyday so that’s where Born to Thread steps in and helps you. This is what I pride my business on the fact that all my products are handmade from my off the peg items to my bespoke made to measure items. I make them for you! I help you create confidence in the outfits you wear.

I think there is so much pressure for people to fit in and look a certain way. ‘You should be wearing this, or you should be wearing that. Oh, you’re into that music so therefore you should dress like this! Bollocks I say.

Embrace anything, your style is your style and if you want to wear that pink shirt with leopard print trousers and listen to Celine Dion, the why the hell not!

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be your yourself’ -Coco Chanel

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