• Nicole Vogwill

In response to them all

I am so fucking excited to add male boudoir to my offerings, and who better to begin with than Liam?!

"I booked a photoshoot because I was suffering from anxeity and depression and wanted to do something for me that would restore my confidence, both mentally and physically. 

Before the shoot I felt nervous, especialy deciding if I should go naked but as soon as the shoot started my confidence soared. 

Nicole guided me all the way through, I let her use her artistic flair and I'm glad I did. 

After seeing the images I feel sexy, confident and happy. I'd say to anyone who isn't sure, especialy men, go for it, not only are you doing it for yourself but your sending a message loud and clear that says it's OK to be yourself, everyone is beautiful on there own way. I've kinda done this in response to all the bigots I've ever had in my life."

There's another post coming soon with more info about male boudoir. Liam made his own choice to do nudes, as with female boudoir, it is entirely optional and not to be confused with full nudity (there's NO genitalia on show!)