• Nicole Vogwill

Why the fuck not? Put yourself on the wall

“Why in the world would I want a giant image of myself on my wall?” I ALWAYS want to reply to this question with “why the fuck not?” Instead, let me give you a few substantial reasons.

Celebrate your awesomeness.

It is not vain to have a portrait of yourself on the wall, anyone who believes it is, simply hasn’t come to terms with their own awesomeness and therefor, isn’t ready to take this step and that’s ok, just don’t try pinning it on others by stating it’s a vanity thing.

Set an example for your kids.

“Woah, Nicole. My kids can’t see these photos!”. Well, the younger children won’t care/ understand, and if they do, you’re setting an example of self-love and body positivity from the earliest point possible!

How is it different?

People buy artistic nudes and place them on their walls, this isn’t any different. Ok, it’s slightly different because it’s you, but it SHOULDN’T be, is more my point. We let other people’s opinions get in our way to fucking often. Help me start the revolution. Put yourself on the wall.

I’m currently working on a self-portrait to match my room, as soon as I get that, it’ll be on my wall, as big as possible (If anyone has a link to a gorgeous Mustard leotard/ body suit, GIVE IT TO ME!).

If it’s not about the “vanity”, you’re worried about getting the right size, that’s not an issue. The reason I do in person reveal and ordering appointments is so that I can help you design your perfect products and that includes wall art. If you send me an image of the space you’d like to put your wall art, with a piece of A4 paper taped to the wall for size reference, I can come to your reveal prepared with examples of different sizes ON YOUR WALL.

Go big or go home, as they say… or go big in your home in this case 😉