• Nicole Vogwill


“you’re doing amazing, business must be great”

Business is great. Awesome clients, a kick ass FB community and I quit my day job. I am a boudoir photographer.

But also, I quit my day job and I’m fucking terrified.

One of my business values is transparency, so here I am being transparent. It’s time to get inside of me, and probably not in the way you’re hoping if you’ve found this half naked picture of me on the internet.

I have been in business since November 2014 and people still talk to me like I started last week. I get it, you don’t know who I am, that’s cool. Or maybe it’s an age thing, one of the reasons I hate weddings. “I’ve got that camera and take great photos at the beach” that’s fucking great Pete, thanks for sharing, followed by “when you do this professionally....” I’M A REGISTERED BUSINESS, PHOTOGRPAHING A WEDDING. I don’t really do weddings anymore.


Recently things have been changing, people recognise me – or more so by now, my butt. People have stopped with the fake flattery and started with the honesty. And it’s fucking fabulous. Who doesn’t like a little appreciation? I sure do, but when it’s flattery, well we all know it comes through a fake smile and gritted teeth. The feelings of “am I good enough for them” are beginning to fade into thoughts of “zero fucks given if I’m not, I am good enough for me.” And that’s a breakthrough.

This might be coming as a surprise to you. My whole FB community is founded on self love and me being a strong woman. I am a strong woman, but even we have our kryptonite and hang ups. I’m working on them constantly. It’s 10 million times easier to lift someone else up, to motivate and empower a stranger, than it is to do those things for ourselves.

I’ve gone off track, let’s get back to the point- business is great.

I’m getting used to this working-from-home-full-time, which is not the same as sitting on the sofa and replying to emails. Starting next week (when it get Mitsy back.... my car) I’ll be working from as many different places as I can. Cafes, restaurants, parks, bars. If you see me say hey, I’m not mad, it’s just my resting bitch face. Honest.

I don’t know about you, even when I’m working, being at home all day makes me feel bleurgh. Not because of my home, I loveeeeee it. There’s just something about sitting on my butt in the same room all day that gets me down, and now I get to do that a lot more, so I’ve got to put in a conscious effort to leave the house and keep my mojo in place.

This will probably result in more nakedness from me, enjoy it. It helps in my own process of learning to love my body, curves, rolls, gorgeousness. From now on, I’ll be opening my mind up to you, so stick around if you’re here for real talk, otherwise, carry on.

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