• Nicole Vogwill

Erica's Boudoir Photo Shoot | Boudoir Photography Yorkshire | Nicole Jane Photography

When Erica came to me for a boudoir photo shoot, I was a little surprised, Erica is super sweet and quiet, we've known each other for a long while now, I'm going to say around 6 years actually?! This is all on me though, if boudoir is teaching me anything, it's that we've gotta watch the quiet ones 😉

We booked a stunning airbnb in Scarborough and Erica was made over by makeup artist, Katie Bowers and hair stylist, Naomi Fox. When Erica pulled out her outfit choices, I knew she was onto a good thing! I'm going to let Erica tell you about the experience herself. I decided to book a boudoir photo shoot as I wanted to do something fun that would help me feel sexy and boost my self confidence. It was also a present for my partner to enjoy. Going into hair and make-up I was nervous, but also really excited that it was really happening. The hair and make-up ladies really helped me decide what I should do in terms of hair and make-up as I'm quite a low maintenance type of girl, who doesn't do her hair and make-up very often.

The photo shoot was so much fun ! Nicole stopped me feeling nervous and reassured me that everything was going to turn out great. I had no idea how I should pose but Nicole had lots of different poses to try and really knew what would work where and what wouldn't, which really helped. After my photo shoot I feel a lot better about my body and I love the way I look in my pictures, I never knew I had such a great bum lol 😂

I think I enjoyed the photo shoot the most, as once I got over my nervousness it was so fun and such a laugh, Nicole made me trust that everything was going to turn out even better than I imagined and it did. The reveal and ordering appointment was great, I was so excited to see my pictures and I was so happy to see the results, it made me feel really good about myself. The ordering was brilliant, I ordered a photo album and Nicole helped me organise it when I didn't have a clue where to start. I can't wait to see my album in 4-6 weeks time!

I would definitely recommend it to anyone, it's so much of a confidence boost. It was such a fun morning and I think the results are well worth it. Anyone who thinks "oh I'd never be brave enough to do it", should definitely give it ago. Nicole put me at ease instantly.

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