• Nicole Vogwill

Rome, an incredible city | Nicole Jane Photography

I had mixed feelings about going to Rome, it's never really been high on my list but, man.... I'd recommend it to everyone!

When Rome was built, they didn't do half a job, it's the most beautiful city I've been too. All of the buildings are so grand, not just the important ones, there is an incredible amount of history.

Day one: we flew at 7am, so arrived in Rome at 11am with no sleep. After checking in at the hotel we explored a little then had dinner and headed back to the hotel for an early night.

Day two:  The Colloseum .

Watch out for the street sellers though, they have every trick under the sun.

I stood out like a sore thumb with my sun hat and gopro ft. Selfie stick!

We had lunch on a roof opposite the colloseum! An incredible view and great food. We then went on to explore the ruins behind the colloseum, when you get to the end, it's quite an overwhelming sight.

We also went to the top of Altars fella Patria, a stunning, huge white building which is the largest monument in Rome, you can see the whole of Rome from the roof!

In the evening we went out for dinner and by the time we'd soaked in the sun, eaten and enjoyed the views it was gone 9pm.

Day three: The Basilica and Sistine Chapel... this was difficult for me, I'm not religious (that's a post for another day) but it was a good visit, these buildings are, again, incredible.

So vast, so detailed, and the meaning they have to the people around us was fantastic.

In the evening we headed to  Hard Rock Cafe  (yesssss), it's as good as people say, delicious food and lovely staff. I know... not very Italian, but I've never been to one and there's only so much garlic bread a girl can eat....

Day four: the last day, we decided to do a hop on, hop off bus tour with  city sightseeing , I didn't think I'd enjoy sitting in a bus listening to someone talk, but you get to see the city from another view, because Rome has so many high walls, you miss a lot of what is above those when walking.

We also got to a couple of locations we otherwise wouldn't have, for example  Circus Maximus , what was once a chariot racing stadium!

Day five was simply travelling. I was sad to leave, which shocked me considering I wasn't hugely excited about going. Rome is a place I will never forget.