• Nicole Vogwill

Why do you hate stretch marks? | Self Portraits | Nicole Jane Photography

I LOVE a good selfie, don't you?

I took these on 24th April at an Airbnb in York (absolutely stunning!) after photographing clients, Gemma and Jo.

After going through them, I sat for a few minutes thinking about the easiest& fastest way to take out all of my stretch marks. Then I asked myself why;

Why am I removing them?

Why do I hate them?

Do I hate them.....?

No, I don't, they actually don't bother me in the slightest. The only reason I was going to remove them is because I'm so used to doing it. There are a few ladies who ask to keep their stretch marks, but most ask for them to be removed and it makes me sad.

These are a NATURAL part of our body, same as our hair, nails, eyes. Why do we hate them so much?

The obvious answer is because society told us to, if society told you to jump of a cliff would you?!

I respect people's requests, but from now on, if a client asks me to remove ALL of their stretch marks, I will be asking why and challenging them to see the images WITH stretch marks first.

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