• Nicole Vogwill

Embrace For Mind | Charity Calendar | Nicole Jane Photography

Since starting boudoir photography I realised how empowering photographs can be and the effect they have on people. I know that I can’t make anyone love themselves entirely, however, multiple ladies have expressed improvement in how they feel towards themselves, not just their physical selves either.

I’ve had a project in mind for a LONG time, but never knew how to pull it off and didn’t really have a “why”, not until I started this genre (boudoir). I wanted to photograph multiple, different women in plain underwear, sounds bizarre but I have a final photo in mind that I’m dying to create!

I realized that I could do more than create that photo. Mind, for better mental health resonates with me and my business, so I racked my brain to see how I could raise money and awareness for them in the process.

I’m photographing 11 women (I’ve already done 1...so 10 left) and creating a 2019 calendar which is up for pre-sale at www.nicolejanephotogtaphy.com/shop! (We're still looking for business sponsors fyi)

Please help us with our fundraising journey, if you don’t want to buy a calendar, you could make a donation on the JustGiving page here!

Thank you!

Nicole xx