• Nicole Vogwill

What's your excuse? | Boudoir Photography Yorkshire | Nicole Jane Photography

What’s your excuse for not booking your boudoir photo shoot? I know there are tonnes, I created a poll in my VIP ladies group for some of the basics. Let’s approach these one by one.

There’s part of the way I look that I don’t love

Ok, I get it, there are things I don’t love about me too. You don’t have to love every inch of you entirely, that’s part of what this experience is about! LEARNING to love parts of you that you don’t currently. You wear what YOU feel sexy in, not what you think other people look sexy in. This helps you feel more comfortable, as well as me being there to help you every step of the way!

I’m’a broke bitch right now

This one is a tricky subject. I believe that if you want something enough, you’ll find a way to pay for it. Whether that’s long term saving, payment plans etc.

I offer the Boudie Bank. You can pay for your session and products in instalments! I want this experience to be affordable for anyone who really wants it.

With the Boudie Bank, you pay the 25% down payment, then can split the remainder of the session fee, plus product order, over 6 or 12 months! Once there is one payment remaining on your plan, we schedule your photo shoot date.

This is a fantastic way to pay for your photo shoot and products in a more manageable way, and it means you can spread out your product order over time too, so you can buy a more luxury product if you’d like, and avoid losing out on your favourite photographs due to budget.

I want to lose weight

Don’t most people? I felt the same way, before I took some of my own Boudoir Portraits, until I realised that I might lose 3 stone and still not be happy with the way I look. If we don’t improve the way we feel about ourselves (inside too), then we could be at a perfect weight and still feel like shit!

You’re welcome to use the boudoir photo shoot as motivation, but I’d highly suggest coming in now, and finding that self-love as you are, before losing the weight, so that you can appreciate it more when you do. Plus, you can come back for another session to celebrate when you reach your goals!

I’m nervous about the experience

That’s ok, it’d be a little unusual if you weren’t. All my girls come in to their photo shoots a little nervous. The day starts with hair and makeup, a little pamper before we shoot. When time comes, we go over outfits and a little reminder of what you’re looking for from your shoot (we’ll have discussed all of this in your consultation), then we get down to action, I photograph and you pose in a way you think looks nice…. IM TOTALLY KIDDING.

I pose and direct you the entire time, from stray hairs down to pointed toes, you will look incredible!

There really is no better time than now. I know, cheesy, but it’s true.

Don’t wait to gift yourself with stunning photographs.