• Nicole Vogwill

Boss Babe | Chelsea's Boudoir Photo Shoot at The Ham and Cheese | Nicole Jane Photography

This girl, this babe right here! This is Chelsea and she fucking bossed her boudoir photo shoot.

Chelsea isn't only a client, she's a good friend and I am honestly so proud of her. Chelsea joined  slimming world  in October 2017 and has done so well (She would disagree 😐) with an awesome loss of 1st 1.5lbs!!

Her session took place at the  Ham and Cheese  on 9th January, here are her words on the experience!

I decided to have a boudoir photo shoot with Nicole because it both scared and excited me, I wanted to see how I looked in this style of photo!

I enjoyed the whole experience but my favourite part was definately the posing! It was cool to see what I could do.

I feel so much more confident now, but it's also motivated me to get healthier. I do feel powerful after seeing my photos.

I had so much fun and it's done so much for my body image and confidence, I'd recommend it to anyone! I can't wait to do it again once I reach my goals!

I can't wait for Chelsea to come back once she's smashed those goals!

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