• Nicole Vogwill

Rebecca, David and Toby | Couples Photoshoot | Falling Foss | Nicole Jane Photography

Do you know when you meet people and you think yeah, I like you.

That's how I felt as soon as I met Rebecca. She's down to Earth with a cracking sense of humour, and when I met David and Toby, well, put the three of them together and you're guaranteed smiles that hurt your face.

For their couples photoshoot, they asked for their son, Toby to be included and to go to Falling Foss, which I was excited about as I'd been meaning to go for agesssss. Could we figure out how to get down to the waterfall? Heck no, but we found some gorgeous areas and had a great time non-the-less.

We got attacked by a giant swarm of midges. (Ok... it was probably a normal amount of midges in an area like that), I had to pee in a bush and Toby found a giant stick that amused him for at least 10 minutes (No, Toby is not a dog, he is a child).

All-in-all we had a great mini adventure, I'm pretty sure it shows in their gallery......

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