• Nicole Vogwill

Food, the most important part of my trip

Who doesn't love food?! It was a big part of my trip, I won't go into details about why, let's just say I don't have a lot of variety in my diet meaning choosing where to eat can be stressful. I did some research before I went and ate at two of the places on the list, the rest I found online on the day.

On the day I arrived I ate at Burgerlich, which was good! A quirky Burger stop where you order your food from pop-up tablets in your table! They have a "communal seating" thing going on, I went in alone and was joined by a family of four, they seemed a little confused by this but that type of thing doesn't bother me. The staff were lovely and the food was yummy.

Friday I went to a Chinese... there's not much to say, the food was good, the staff were friendly enough. The people on the table next to me were eating a WHOLE FISH.

During my research at home, I kept seeing reviews about a "restaurant in a castle". This was Wasserschloss, not so much an actual Castle, but a building just as pretty with little features that make is Castle-like. A more expensive option but definitely worth it, the food was gorgeous and the staff were super friendly and helpful. I sat and read while I waited for my food to arrive, which wasn't a long wait at all. Definitely a recommended place from me.

Otto's Burger was Sunday's food stop. Another good Burger place, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The sweet potato fries were delicious. 

As I said in my first blog post about my trip, on my last day in Hamburg I had dinner at Vapiano, a lovely Italian, where the staff on entry were rather ignorant but all the other staff were friendly and helpful enough (Sorry love, but I had no idea how your electronic ordering system works and handing me a card without actually making eye contact and chatting away to your friend is not good customer service).

Bad customer service aside, I enjoyed my food and made friends. A good result to an amazing holiday I'd say.

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