• Nicole Vogwill

Travelling alone | Hamburg, Germany

There is way too much about my trip to Hamburg to write in one post... but I'm going to do it anyway!

It was my first time travelling alone and it was quite a daunting experience. In the end it was a mixture of absolutely loving being able to do what I wanted when I wanted to feeling a little lonely. But I'd do it again in a heart beat.

Tier Park Zoo and Aquarium was great, the first zoo I've been to with moats instead of cages which made for awesome photos! (I'm going to do a seperate post about this!)

I went to Deichtorhallen, a photography museum, which was very interesting, then accidently walked into Hamburg Pride on my way back to the Hotel which was ahhhhmazing! I didn't realise it was on so it was quite a nice surprise, they had party.... lorries! 

On Sunday morning, I got up early and went down to the Fish market, I'd been recommended to go by another photographer, but it wasn't the Fish market that got me, it was the beautiful views surrounding!

Later Sunday evening I went to the warehouse district, which is equally as beautiful. Honestly, I couldn't get enough of the views here. I have a fear of boats and had planned to conquer this on a sunset boat trip around the warehouse district, but had faced so much on this trip in terms of things I'd never done before that facing something so big (for me) was a little risky.

Monday was my last day and I was starting to feel a little sad, at the thought of leaving. It had been absolutely beautiful. I made my way to a new part of Hamburg, found a bench by a lake and read a book in the sunshine. It was actually perfect.

One of the best parts of this trip wasn't anything I did, but something someone else did.

On Monday evening I made my way to an Italian, Vapiano. In Germany, quite a few places have different ways of ordering, electronically! (There will be a whole blog about my food experiences 😉) I was a little confused and the chef was having difficulties explaining things to me, when a young lady stepped up behind me to explain. Her and her friend watched me walk back to my table and sit alone, before asking me to join them! I was so blown away and it literally made my trip. For two girls aged around 18, to invite a stranger, who was obviously missing home at this point, to sit with them was such a kind hearted thing to do and I'm still so impressed at how good their English is! I can say a few words in Spanish and French but can't put a sentence together, it makes me wish I'd made a little more effort to learn another language to be honest. So a huge thanks again to Marie and Erika ❤

I would recommend Hamburg to everyone. So much to see and do.

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