• Nicole Vogwill

Cozy and Cute! The Ham and Cheese Holiday Cottage

Did you (or do you) go to your local for Sunday lunch?

I used to go pretty much every Sunday, we stopped, for some incomprehensible reason, like growing up. But I'm not here to talk to you about Sunday Lunch (as much as I'd like to, I love food), I'm here to talk to you about my local.

I live in a village with no shop, no pub, no nothing basically, so The Ham and Cheese is my local. I worked there, twice. The second time, it was definitely a quiet, old mans pub, at one point I was convinced it was going to close, and that would be that. Luckily, Claire and Shaun came to the rescue!

They took over the pub around 3 years ago, and after a complete revamp, it looks ah-maaaa-zing. No longer "just a pub", it is a thriving pub, restaurant, B&B and most recently.... a new holiday cottage has been added (with a Jacuzzi!!). Thats what I'm really here to talk to you about, and show you - Property photography of The Ham and Cheese's latest addition.

Don't just take my word when I say it's the bomb, check out the gallery below.

But first, contact details for The Ham and Cheese;

Phone: 01944758249 (ask for Claire Marsh)

Website: www.hamandcheese.pub

Psst. They do weddings! (If you're getting married there, hit me up, I have something for you if you book me for your photography and are getting married there ;) ).

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