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5 Tips to prepare for your wedding: Makeup

Katie from Beauty By KB is an amazing MUA who I've been working with for quite a while now. She's my go-to-girl for anything makeup related.

I asked her a few questions about being an MUA –

Why did you become an MUA?

Makeup is my passion, I can't walk past the makeup aisles without spending ages looking through all the new products *laughs*, I love seeing the end result and how much you can boost a person’s self-confidence through your work, it makes me love my job even more - I'm happy that they're happy.

How long have you been doing Makeup?

I Qualified in 2014.

What are your three favourite makeup brands?

Benefit, Mac and Rimmel.

Are you trained in anything else?

Fully qualified lvl 2&3 in beauty therapy including facials/skincare, massage, manicures & pedicures & eye treatments.

How do you know what suits a particular person?

By using their physical features - eye/hair colour, face/feature shape, age and complexion all come into account for getting the best makeup for the individual client, as well as personality, it influences the style, and certain people have certain looks.

As well as makeup lessons, proms & “night on the town” makeup, Katie specialises in wedding makeup. Here a few tips and tricks from the lady herself on preparing for your wedding makeup!

1. Find your style. Take some time and have a look at different makeup ideas for your wedding. When we think wedding makeup, we think nude colours and “barely there” makeup, but it doesn't have to be like that, there are endless options and going into a consultation with even the tiniest of ideas means your MUA can tailor a look to your needs. 2. Research your Makeup Artist. Find someone who you think can best achieve the look you want. Have a look through their work and find what makes them the one for you! 3. Consult. Once you think you have found your MUA, book a consultation with them around 8 months prior and check their availability for your big day. This will give you the opportunity to see what their work looks like on your skin, if they're not the right one then you still have time to find another. They are the right one? Great! The consultation will allow you to go through your makeup ideas, ask any questions and perfect your makeup ready for the big day. As soon as you are happy then book your MUA, many have limited spaces! 4. Look after yourself. Wedding stress affects most of us at some point but especially in the weeks leading up to the day, this stress can have effects on your skin, so go and treat yourself to some regular facials starting a few months before the wedding, a great way to chill out and get your skin looking fab and ready at the same time. Great makeup starts with a great base - your skin, so look after it! 5. Enjoy it all! For most of us, when do we ever have the chance to have our makeup professionally done? Enjoy the whole process, enjoy seeing a new you and enjoy the pampering.

To talk to Katie about bookings, please email her at, you won’t regret choosing her!

Nicole x

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