• Nicole Vogwill

5 Tips to make sure you're photo ready on your Wedding Day

1. Don't think too much.

Sounds obvious, but please, don't spend too much time thinking about your wedding photography, if you've booked the right photographer, they've got it covered and will tell you when they need you and what they need from you.

2. Ignore the masses.

Listen to your photographer, no, they are not the most important part of the day, YOU are.

Think about this though, after your big day, other than fading memories, what will you have to remember your amazing wedding day.

You know it, your photographs.

Ignore the guests and listen to your photographer… I don’t mean ALL day, just during your portraits and other important moments. You won’t regret it.

3. Don’t be scared.

Don’t be scared to get creative – choose a photographer who understands you and what you want, someone who can help you capture your day in a unique and creative way, you’re not going to be doing it again {we hope!}, so make the most of it and wow yourself and your family.

4. Don’t be embarrassed.

Posing in front of others can be nerve racking, take a deep breath, and forget about everyone but you and your new hubby {and the photographer}.

You could try sneaking away from everyone else, but you know uncle so and so will be peering round the corner trying to take a snap of the newlyweds on his point and shoot.

5. Say no.

As I’ve said, this day is about YOU and you need to choose a photographer that knows exactly what you want, but even the perfect photographer can have ideas you don’t 100% love… Personally, I would rather hear a bride and groom say no to my ideas than us waste time taking photographs they are not going to adore, and not have time to do something else that they will!

Be nice though, we have feelings too ;)

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