What to wear

From classic to “out-there”, the outfit choice is completely up to you. The most important thing is that you’re comfortable and that it fits you well. What’s also important is that you bring a range of outfits that reflect your taste, your personality and your ideal image.


You’ll want to bring along a few different looks – perhaps one sexy, one badass and one glamorous. The choice is yours. Clients often see it as a chance to experiment with something bold, something daring and something that makes you feel utterly fabulous.


Some ideas for outfits include:

•    A lingerie set in your favourite colour or print

•    High-waisted pants

•    Bodysuits

•    Lace or silk teddies (PS faux fur coats look insanely good)


I’ll send a full guide on what to wear before your photo shoot day, so you’ll have plenty of time to plan and think about your choices. You can also check out my Instagram page for some more inspiration. (NicoleVogwil)


I do also have a back-up wardrobe available in a range of sizes should you need. Or, you might find you have too many outfit choices, and you can’t choose! In that case, we’ll go through everything you bring and select the ones that would work best with the lighting, your hair and makeup and the set-up.