Everyday to Slay


WHY Boudoir Photography?


When you see your photographs for the first time, the realisation that you’ve been beautiful this whole time, even on those days when you doubted yourself... this is why I became a boudoir photographer.

Showing you how valuable you are, in every way, is my entire WHY.

I've trained, practised, soaked up all and any knowledge possible to ensure I'm able to provide you with the BEST, luxury experience possible.


She's a Queen with a little bit of savage



The Experience

Luxury, empowerment, improved confidence, tailored to you – yes, I’m describing the Boudoir Experience, it’s all of that and more. It starts here (link for dream shoot guide), where you can get inspiration and ideas for your dream shoot, followed by a phone call or meeting to design your session, discuss outfits, styling and how you would like your experience to go.

In the lead up to your photoshoot you will receive preparation emails to make sure you’re ready and to help calm any nerves you may have.

On the day of your photoshoot, you’ll arrive to a fluffy dressing gown and slippers and my hair & makeup team will complete your Everyday To Slay transformation, there will be drinks and snacks available too.

The photoshoot will be FULLY guided, you don’t need modelling experience, nor do you need to worry about what to do with your face, hands, toes or butt. I will coach you through the entire experience.

Afterwards, you’ll go for lunch while I get your images ready for viewing. What does that mean? I will make minor adjustments and remove any blinks or blurs (there wont be many). Two hours later, you get to come back and view your photographs, yes, THE SAME DAY!

The last step in your ultimate empowering, self-loving journey is when you come and collect your beautiful, quality products.




I never thought I would feel so good about my body! My confidence has grown so much and I walk around feeling so good about myself. That's all down to Nicole


After the shoot I felt really proud that I had pushed myself, done it and I had also really enjoyed it. This was hugely down to Nicole and the natural ability she has to put people at ease. It gave my confidence such a boost.


After seeing the images I feel sexy, confident and happy. I'd say to anyone who isn't sure, especially men, go for it, not only are you doing it for yourself but you're sending a message loud and clear that says it's OK to be yourself, everyone is beautiful on there own way


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